school and kindergarten racks

The everyday life of a school or day care centre starts at the coat racks: you must have a familiar coat rack to place your jacket and knapsack on a hook, on a shelf or in a basket. Benches at the right height make dressing and lacing of your shoes easier. As children are natural climbers, our coat racks are also sturdy and safe.

The design takes into account the dimensions and reach of small people, as well as their natural affinity towards colours. You can choose from a variety of colours and there is a clearly determined space for all items. If you need more storage space, there are accessories available.

LobbyKid and LobbyJunior are the little sisters of the Lobby coat rack. They are based on the needs of slightly older schoolchildren. Shoes can be kept in order with LobbyBoot or LobbyWall Boot products. You can also integrate a LobbyMini seat/shoe rack into the coat rack and supplement the coat rack from our extensive selection of wall-mounted coat racks.