Monena wants to you enjoy yourself

Monena knows Finns and many Finns know Monena; not necessarily by name, but surely when they see the products. Monena’s clothes storage solutions are Finnish classics and familiar from many public premises, such as concert halls, day care centres and workplaces. Monena receives people who have come to party and people who have come to work, making them feel welcome at a variety of events and situations.

Monena is the Finnish market leader in its field. This position indicates that the family business has made the right choices during its long history. We have had faith in quality, functionality and design from the very beginning. Many Finnish designers have put their stamp on our extensive product portfolio. Many of our designs are already serving whole new generations. We can offer the right choice for any application, taking into account both functionality and appearance.

From a family business to another

The first chapters of Monena’s success story were written by the founder of the company, Teuvo Partanen, in 1968. Jukka Partanen, a second-generation Partanen, continued the story with his strong views until Metallituote Summanen took up the task of writing the latest chapters in spring 2017.

We want to develop the products and the Monena brand to meet the future needs of consumers even before the needs manifest themselves, wherever they need coat racks or other clothes storage solutions.

We promise to offer a respectful facelift for the old products and also to introduce whole new products. We will also offer more opportunities to configure the solutions based on your needs.

The values of our company Summanen Oy are the starting point of everything we do.

  • Professional staff
  • High corporate image
  • Appreciation of staff and customers
  • An up-to-date and evolving work environment

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Tanja Lundén

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