Airy and practical
For schoolkids
Hallway coat rack
Boot racks for hard use
Classic in new colours
Black or copper?
Monena coat racks with laminate backs
Linkku group
Monena Kulkuri and Renki
All time favourite
Side by side
Simple elegance
Coat hanger in colours
Coat racks for learning environments
Mr and Mrs
Solid and durable lockers
Rack group
For kindergarten
Airy and white
Easy practicality
Monena Oppi backpack rack with LobbyBoot3 shoe rack
Bright colours
Basic coat rack
Innovative materials
Vertical lines
Fine details
Big or small?
Classic by Yrjö Kukkapuro
Dirt collector
White and chome
Knob racks
Rock and Rock'n Roll
All the colours
Hallway's companion
Happy wall racks
Clip group
Alternative to larger coat rack
Warm atmosphere with wood
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