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Shoe racks and lockers



Design Minna Salokannel

Kiip was inspired by Lobby’s stable and robust structure, as well as the need to create a balanced set of lobby/foyer furniture.

The massive and robust Kiip can be used with a variety of unique colour combinations. The laminate surfaces can be subjected to hard wear and tear. Kiip is available in two sizes: 1 x 5 and 2 x 5 pigeonholes. The dimensioning takes into account a variety of storage needs. You can place items in their own pigeonholes, neatly hide them behind doors or safely lock the pigeonholes with different types of locks. Complement your lobby and foyer furnishings with a range of matching shoe racks, a coat rack system, a school and day care centre coat rack, a stand-up rack, a wall-mounted coat rack or accessories from the same series.

All lobby and hall furniture is made in Finland

Frame and doors: laminate

Base: painted steel

Feet: adjustable, possibility of attaching to the floor

Delivery time 3-4 weeks
Standard paints (base): dark grey effect, light aluminum grey effect, dark aluminum grey, light aluminum grey, white, black, green, red, yellow or orange

Standard boards (frame and doors): dark grey, light grey, white, black, green, red, yellow or orange laminate

Stock adjustment feet and thumbscrews: dark grey, light grey, white or black

Delivery time 5+ weeks
Special paints and boards


Kiip 1×5
Width: 373 mm
Depth: 450 mm
Height: 1900 mm

Kiip 2×5
Width: 690 mm
Depth: 450 mm
Height: 1900 mm

Inside dimension of single locker
Width: 307 mm
Depth: 317 mm
Height: 410 mm

Dimensions table

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