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School and kindergarten racks
Wall racks


Coat rack for small spaces, several colour combinations available.

As accessory:
Knob 3 – Lobby 400 end panel
Knob 5 – Lobby 600 end panel/LobbyWall 600
Knob 7 – LobbyWall 800
Knob 8 – Lobby 900 back panel
Knob 9 – LobbyWall 1000
Knob 11 Lobby 1200 back panel/LobbyWall 1200

The coat rack is manufactured in Finland.
The knob-like hangers of Knob were designed based on the Lobby coat rack system. The products go well together due to the similar design. Knob can also be used on its own as a wall-mounted coat rack in small spaces. Several colours and colour combinations are available.

Back panel: laminate
Knobs: painted steel

Delivery time 3-4 weeks
Standard paints (knobs): dark grey effect, light aluminum grey effect, dark aluminum grey, light aluminum grey, white, black, green, red, yellow or orange

Standard boards (back panel): white

Delivery time 5+ weeks
Special paints and boards


Smooth paints are semi-gloss unless otherwise noted.


Widths: 330 mm, 530 mm, 730 mm, 830 mm, 930 mm, 1130 mm
Depth: 57 mm
Lengths: 80 mm

Knob 3 – 3 hooks
Knob 5 – 5 hooks
Knob 7 – 7 hooks
Knob 8 – 8 hooks
Knob 9 – 9 hooks
Knob 11 – 11 hooks

Dimensions table

The information is for one product. 

See the Packaging Details table for details.

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