rack systems


Design Jukka Setälä

Modifiable coat racks for schools and day care centres

The sturdy design of the classic Lobby has inspired our coat rack and shoe rack/seat systems designed for the needs of small people. LobbyMini has been designed for children in day care and primary school.

The LobbyMini seat/shoe rack is a place to store shoes and a seat for small people. Like all the other products in the series, the basic parts and extension parts of LobbyMini can be used to customise just the right storage system. It can be supplemented with the brightly coloured wall-mounted coat racks, for example. All of the Lobby series products complement each other. The series includes LobbyBoot shoe racks, coat racks systems, school and day care coat racks, pigeonholes, stand-up and wall-mounted coat racks, as well as accessories.